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Dallas Income and Investment Property Financing (apply and more info)



investment loans……What is your strategy?

Below is a brief summary of how to finance Texas investment property.

1. The 3 basic sources (no 100% loans)

Bank (local) financing (typically for short term solutions)
Private/ hard money (again, short term for rehab or quick acquisitions)
Long term financing/mortgages: (for purchase of currently occupied or move in condition properties. We use to refinance bank and private money loans)

2. common problems associated with investment property financing

Some problems you may have faced in the past for investment property loans:

No limit on number of properties (some below may require hard money)
cashouts/ stated (stated is for hard money only)
seller carried 2nds to 100% CLTV (hard money only)
no landlord experience
no reserve requirements (lender stated you lacked proper reserves)typically hard money or
no job verification- (hard money only)

3. Quick analysis of the initial financing decision:

Short term/rehab loan: you need an investment loan to acquire property to rehab
            And sell. Maybe you need a loan to secure your investment real estate
            To fix and turn into a rental.
REHAB TO RENTAL: Let us show you how to acquire with private money  or bank money. Then let us refinance your bridge loan into long term financing for Texas rental property.

Long term financing: You found a property that is ready for renters or is currently occupied by renters. You need  to be pre-approved.

Contact us at Dallas Income Property, , home of Summit Lending Group, a Texas mortgage lender, for a Free Loan Consultation! Let a Texas mortgage broker assist you in all aspects of your Texas home loan.

What we need:

  1. loan application (1003 form)
  2. Job info, income, assets (cash, stocks, 401k)
  3. Talk with us about specific investment loan options

100% loans for rehab
State income and asset loans
No doc loans
Interest only
Many more



Texas INvestor Loans -Specialists in investment property financing and planning

Are buying property in need of repair?

Do you have have a repair budget?

Do you want turnkey rental properties (already rehabbed with renters)

Are you long term or in for the quick flip?

What about competition ?

Inventory and absorption?



A Texas investment property loan can be used for rental property (non-owner occupied loans) 1-4 units. Investment property loans are usually a higher interest rate than an owner occupied, or non investment loan.



Let us show you how to turn your rehab properties to investment and income properties with almost zero money down or out of pocket. visit our site on Texas rehab loans. With the use of banks and private money turn distressed investment property into income producing property.